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FIRST STate:  Arizona

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Why Drive Across the County?

Our Walk Across America was epic.  It left us humbled by people's generosity, amazed by the hidden gems in our country, and hungry for more.  We continue to be inspired by small acts of kindness and wondered how we could build on our recent walk across the country.          

It didn't take long for us to determine what we wanted to do. This time, we are going bigger than before.  We are aiming to help more non-profits, raise more awareness for their cause, and find more hidden gems in every state in continental U.S.   

Arizona Nonprofit 



Hushabye Nursery’s mission is to ‘embrace substance exposed babies and their caregivers with compassionate, evidence-based care that changes the course of their entire lives.’

The organization was founded by Tara Sundem, a neonatal nurse practitioner who witnessed firsthand the challenges of newborns exposed prenatally to opioids and those families trying to care for them.

Hushabye Nursery offers a safe and inclusive space where mothers, family members and babies – from conception through childhood – can receive integrative care and therapeutic support that offers each child the best possible life outcomes. Programs include prenatal and postpartum support groups, inpatient nursery services and outpatient therapies.

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