Ways to Support

There are many ways you can support the 'Us and a Bus' National Tour  

1. You can help the non-profits directly.

2. Know of a non-profit organization in need of support?  Let them know we exist and encourage them to apply.

3. Have a great connection to vehicle services?  I'm sure we'll need some tire rotation, oil changes, and brakes replaced. Send us email. 

4. If you love what we are doing, you can directly support us via the three links below and/or purchase some of our favorite products or custom merchandise



Get exclusive information about our Us & A Bus adventure. Choose from a $3 tier to $100 or put in your own amount. 



Help us get to our next destination by filling up Timmy II  (yes, we named our transport)



Would you like to help us with groceries?

Email: theggoldenroad@gmail.com

We appreciate you!