Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Quick 30 minute meal! We recently added this into our mix of meals & it has quickly become a favorite. We cook this for two people & it gives us leftovers!


2 cup quinoa

4 cups water (I am told vegetable broth tastes good in place of H2o, haven't tried yet!)

2 cups bell pepper diced (we like green best)

15oz can black beans (drain & rinse to avoid the toots)

1 cup corn (we do canned corn, can do frozen corn)

1 cup salsa

1 tbsp jalapeños (throw in a lil extra if you're feeling spicy)

1 cup red onion (don't worry they get soft, they aren't crunchy)

2 tsp chili powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

cilantro & avocado to garnish


  1. Add all ingredients (except cilantro & avocado) into a large pot or large pan that you have the lid to!!!

  2. Stir it all up, put the lid on and bring it to a boil

  3. Once it is at a boil, take it down to a simmer and wait until the water has absorbed

  4. Throw it in a bowl & top off with cilantro and avocado!

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If you'd like to see cooking the recipe in action (click the action word ;))

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