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Yes, these are products we actually use.

We only endorse products we'd recommend to our family and friends. It doesn't hurt that these supporters also offer some discounts to our followers. When you shop using our links/coupons you help support us and our journey at no extra cost to you! Thank you! 


Ranger + Stand

We used the tiny version on our walk so it was only right Timmy II got an upgrade too! The Ranger is the perfect solution for a campfire on the go - plus it has 360 airflow meaning less smoke 


Solo Stove - Lite

We got this for Christmas on our Walk Across America and it saved our cold fingers multiple times. All you need is the twigs around you. Super compact, light weight and perfect for backpacking or just if you want to have little marshmallows on the go



Shower anywhere! Wash your dishes anywhere! Pull in water from the stream or hook up to a source. Not only is this made extremely well it packs up small! The sink is so deep it is perfect for washing dishes and the sides dry everything. Can't reccomend enough.

The Golden Road theggoldenroad matt&grace skoolie adventure


Scrubba Wash Bag

We have had this since this summer & will never go without! Even gets stains out with the little nubs! Great for on the go! 

'goldenroad' for 10% off


Nemo Stargazer

Quite frankly, if you don't have this chair what are you doing. It is an investment that you are NOT going to regret. Instead of going to bed early because of back pain, sit in your Nemo Stargazer. 


Stryve Biltong

GAME. CHANGER. This stuff is delicious and natural! Doesn't get stuck in your teeth & fills you up! Fantastic snack! Spicy Peri Peri with a banana chip - can't go wrong! 

'GOLDEN15' for 15% off


Renogy Solar

We have the 400W Solar System with two Renogy Lithium Batteries, Battery Charger and a 2000W Inverter. So far we have been able to keep everything plugged in and not drain our batteries. (Heating pad too!)

Even with parking in the shade! 


Abrazo Half Zip

The most asked about jacket on our Walk Across America. So comfortable, so colorful and so cozy. Matt has an XL in his and Grace a M. You can't go wrong with Cotopaxi. 


Hiking Sock

Whether you hike, run, or just love a comfortable sock - you can't go wrong with Darn Tough. Out of all of the socks we wore on our Walk these were the most durable and the most comfortable (they even have some with sloths and bears on them).


Front Range™️

Foxi & Nemo both have this as their everyday harness. Nemo is in a M and Foxi has the XXS. This is easy to put on, doesn't get in the way and is comfortable for the pups! 


Powder Hound™️

One paw out because this jacket is so warm! Foxi is 3.5lbs and survived 8 degree weather with this jacket. We lived outside for months in the winter while we walked and she was warm with this. It is worth EVERY penny. 



If Nemo is going on a long adventure, this is what she is wearing. She is able to carry her own water, snacks and some poop bags! It is heavier, so Nemo would not suggest it in the middle of the summer! 

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